Street Sports incubator is an innovative entrepreneurship program targeting youth with creative ideas in the sports field in order to transform their thoughts into successful entrepreneurial projects, whether as start-ups or communal initiatives. This program's main aim is to decrease unemployment rates by creating employment opportunities and support youth to build their career with outstanding competencies. The SSI program is a 9-month journey starting from the idea validation workshops to a thorough business curriculum and expert mentorship. The participants gain essential knowledge about entrepreneurship, build a strong professional network, develop practical skills, and explore funding opportunities to launch their ideas. Even if the participants do not wish to compete in the entrepreneurial world, they are well-prepared to step into a professional career of their choice with the diverse skill set that they develop.


During the nine months program, the participants go through four different stages. Each stage offers a unique learning experience and helps the youth to acquire skills essential to excel in the next step. Starting from the registrations to the final launch of business, SSI ensures comprehensive support in form of interactive workshops, one-to-one mentorship sessions, networking events, and much more.



1. Attract Event - Interactive Stage

Attract is the first stage of SSI that lasts for two months. In the first month, participants sign up and register by submitting their sports-related business idea. After the registrations close, the jury reviews each application and invites the best 50 teams to attend the Attract event. This four-day event consists of exciting games, activities, and sessions to help them learn more about SSI and related organizations. 

Moreover, participants in the Attract Stage learn about some basic business concepts and effective ways to pitch their idea. The purpose is to help them show their best to the judges on the pitching day, which is the 4th day of Attract Event.


2. Foster Stage - Entrepreneurial Education and Training

Foster stage, which spans three months, marks the start of incubation of ideas. It comprises multiple educational sessions covering management, planning, marketing, and establishment of organizations and businesses. 

Each team is given a business plan document at the start of the foster stage. Moreover, to ensure complete integrity of the program, participants sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) during the first week of this stage. This agreement allows SSI to collect and save personal information and ideas of the participants. On the other hand, the participants are legally obliged to not share any part of the SSI curriculum, documents, sessions, or other such information outside the organization. 

The sessions in the Foster stage are designed to help participants complete their business plans with a thorough understanding of each part.


3. Grow Stage - Mentorship and Skills Development

In the two months of Grow stage, the teams shift their attention to the implementation of business plan that they made in the foster stage. 

Each team receive one-to-one mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs in the form of four different sessions. The respective mentor guides them through the company registration process, initialstartup management, and customer relations. 

With the inputs from the mentor, participants work on their plan and come up with a roadmap. At the end of the Grow stage, the participants pitch their final business plans and roadmap in front of the jury. The jury evaluates the business plan, road map and the participants’ performance through KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and announces the winners which are to receive seed funding. To receive the funds, participants must sign Seed Funds Contract


4. Launch Stage - Networking, Reality, Implementation

Launch stage, which is the last stage of SSI, runs for two months. At the start,, there is a session called “Never Quit: Guide to using your failure”. All participants of SSI, of current and previous cycles, come together at this event and discuss the philosophy of success. They revisit their definition of failure and rethink of it as a learning experience. The aim of this event is to encourage everyone including those who realized their dreams and those who did not to keep moving and keep learning. 

For the remaining duration of this stage, the winners use their seed funds to build businesses and organizations. They document all their important activities including the financial reports to track the implementation progress. We offer our assistance in marketing, promotion, and legal domains of the organizations. We also connect them with the accelerators in their respective regions which can provide continuous support to these startups andinitiatives. 


                              1. Provide youth the necessary knowledge, skills and mentorship to launch startups and initiatives related to sports. 
                              2. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit in the young people.
                              3. Help youth aged 15-25 follow entrepreneurial careers and create job opportunities for others. 
                              4. Promote gender equality in classroom, workplace, and sports fields.
                              5. Support economic growth to overcome poverty in Jordan.