Final Pitching for participants of the third cycle of the Street Sports Incubator Program

On the Final pitching Day, seven teams (6 start-ups, 1 community initiative) have presented their projects in front of the jury. Prior to the begging of the pitching, the participants were experiencing mixed feelings of excitement and stress. As they were waiting for their turn to present with anticipation.  Indeed, when they started presenting their inspiring ideas, they were relieved and the stress turned into confidence in the projects they aspire to implement. The skills they have learned throughout their journey in the SSI enabled them to be convincing and clarify the feasibility of their projects.  The participants left with hope and a sense of accomplishment, waiting for the winners of the third cycle to be announced.   To all the participants, we are proud of your work and wish you the best of luck in your entrepreneurial journey. Remember, a winner or not, the future is ahead of you!   Date: 09/30/2021 Location: Jordan Youth Innovation Forum offices- Amman - 7th Circle