Opening of the third cycle of the Street Sports Incubator Program.

Tuesday, 25th of May 2021, the third cycle of the Street Sports Incubator Program was started, implemented by the Jordan Youth Innovation Forum and GAME Danish NGO, funded by the Danish- Arab Partnership Program.

Street Sports Incubator Program is considered one of the first incubators of its kind in the Middle East. It focuses heavily on incubating pioneering ideas related to Street Sports for youth aged 15 – 25 years old to be transferred into start-ups, or community initiatives.

It was firstly started through the Attract event, which lasted for four consecutive days and included multiple important and wonderful activities, including a “Session on Entrepreneurship”, “A business model and how to validate the idea”, in addition to a session on “Presenting the ideas”.

The participants were invited on the fourth day Saturday 29th of May 2021, to present their innovative ideas in front of the judges to compete entering the incubator program.

The main objective of this event is to educate Jordanian youth about the topic of entrepreneurship and its importance, in addition to attracting their ideas related to Street Sports, discussing them and presenting them to a group of specialized judges where winners will qualify for the incubation stage and start the learning journey in this field. 44 participants (19 teams) attended successfully to present their ideas and learn more about the Street Sports Incubator Program.